Sygic – The Perfect Navigation App

SygicI have used different navigation applications but the best I found is Sygic. The flexibility and the ease of use this application offers is simply amazing. It’s a paid application but it also allows you to try out a free trial for 1 week.

When you first open the application, it will give you 2 options. It will ask to either purchase a map or try free trial of the application. If you select the free trial option, then you will be able to use the application with its all functionalities for 1 complete week. And once the trial period is over you will be asked to purchase the application otherwise you will not be able to use it. Continue reading “Sygic – The Perfect Navigation App”

GPS Phone Tracker – Trace Your Employees Easily

Mobile Location FinderThe GPS phone tracker software is the ultimate solution to know where some mobile phone is located. This tool is essential in instances such as when your cell phone has been stolen; when you have simply misplaced it or you wish to keep find of special people in your life such as family most especially your children or spouse. The software comes with a number of features that make for smooth detecting purposes.

You not only get to keep follow of real-time positions of the devices with this program but you also enjoy the accurate tracking information that comes with its use. The mobile number tracker app (Its official download site) makes use of satellites signals to find of certain cell device and is supported on the iOS, Android and PC windows platforms. It is especially useful for those instances when your mobile is turned off and yet you wish to find it. Continue reading “GPS Phone Tracker – Trace Your Employees Easily”

Mindflow – Visualize your Productivity

Mindflow appMindflow is a new but very useful application. This application allows you to visualize your upcoming events, tasks and meetings. In short, this application will allow you to increase your productivity and manage your time in the best possible way.

It will not be wrong if I term it as a modern calendar and a to-do list application. Yes, this is right. This application is a modern to-do list application which helps you to organize your events and visualize them in a flawlessly manner to make sure you do not miss out any important task, meeting or some other event. Continue reading “Mindflow – Visualize your Productivity”

Manage your projects with Basecamp

Basecamp Android appManaging projects especially when most of the team is from different cities or may be countries was never easy. Well, it is an old story now because with Basecamp managing projects is a piece of cake. Unlike other applications, this tool makes communication simple and easy with your remote team members.

During testing of this application, we loved the way it made communication between team members a piece of cake. It ensured that there is no loose link in the communication, all team members are on the same page and project is completed effectively and efficiently.

Another interesting feature of this Android application is that it allows you to share online hosted images. Continue reading “Manage your projects with Basecamp”

PocketGuard – Your Personal Finance App

Pocketguard iPhoneThere are many applications on the iPhone app store that promises to be your personal finance application but only few are promising. The newly launched free Pocketguard application promises to be one of them but it misses out on a lot of things. Unfortunately, this application does not deal with your past expenses and it actually works on the principle of projection and tells if you can buy it? Looking at your finance this application tells if you have the purchasing power to buy something. This is not something unique and fails to impress us.

Just like other personal finance apps Pocketguard asks for read only access to your finance data. Almost every finance application requests for the same permission therefore you don’t have to worry about anything. Apart from this you will have to provide some personal information to application as well and on the basis of your finance data and personal information it will display the results. Continue reading “PocketGuard – Your Personal Finance App”