Best Hotel Casino

Golden nugget hotel and casino is an entertainment complex consisting of a hotel, a casino, a restaurant, a café, a bar and a concert hall. As a rule, people who stay in Golden nugget hotel and casino come here to plunge into the fascinating world of passion and money. They have one aim: to play. Golden nugget hotel and casino will give you such an opportunity. In a casino you will find separate halls for gambling, Keno games, sports and races stakes, game machines. In Golden nugget hotel and casino you will find a hall of totes where 15 colour TVs will help you to observe a course of matches and duels. You will find lots of game machines in Golden nugget hotel and casino.

Here annually game machines championships are arranged. If you are lucky to come namely at this time, you can also try your success, becoming one of the participants of the championship. And before playing or after that, you can try the excellent dishes served in Golden nugget hotel and casino, and then to enjoy with a show of stars. Golden nugget hotel and casino is an excellent place for rest and filling your purse.

Monte Carlo hotel casino

Monte Carlo is the center of gaming. Monte Carlo’s casino is just150 years. In the beginning an unsuccessful attempt to open a casino in Monte Carlo has been undertaken. It brought just losses and troubles until former owners have not sold concession on a casino to the financier and banker Francois Blank. He had big experience, inexhaustible energy and large monetary resources. He has erected a building of a new casino almost during one night. Now Monte Carlo hotel casino is the center of a rest and hazardous entertainments. Monte Carlo hotel casino consists of two buildings: the summer casino, which has been constructed rather recently, and the winter casino that was built while Blank was alive. The wide marble ladder leads in the winter casino. The “commissariat” that is on the left is open from 10 am till 2 pm. Here tickets in general and special game halls of Monte Carlo hotel casino are sold. A high oval hall is behind an entrance. There is an “Atrium”, the gallery designed by French architect Dyumulen that is under a ceiling along the walls of the hall. There is a theatre at once behind the hall and it leads to gambling halls, which are decorated tastefully by the best artists of the end of 19th and the beginning of 20th centuries. Visit Monte Carlo hotel casino, walk through all the 14 gambling halls and feel their spirit of greatness and passion by yourself.

New York New York hotel casino

You should be agreeing that we do not have enough splash of emotions, holidays and fireworks, bright fires of a night city and conversations with the destiny. You can find all this in American city Las Vegas, and to be exact, even not in a city, but in a hotel-casino. This city has already been filled with numerous casinos even in1905. With time, the city began to expand, tourists began to come here and it became necessity to build hotels. Then hotels and casinos have being united in large places of rest and entertainments. One of these Las Vegas gambling centers is New York New York hotel casino. New York New York hotel casino, which has been constructed as numerous skyscrapers, gives visitors an opportunity to find themselves in another New York city that differs by its character. Being a business center, New York New York hotel casino adjusts players on business way of a game. Besides, before or after you will win a large sum of money in a game, you can see a show of the well-known actors or give yourself a treat with the refined dishes of the Italian cuisine or to eat traditional beef-stake. New York New York hotel casino is a place for those who likes rich, filled with fun and passion life, and also for those who wants to admire New York being in Las Vegas.